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 What You Should Know About Perfect Inspections:


 Experience - Hands on work experience is a key element in learning the building process and the problems that can be encountered through each

 phase of construction. 30 years in construction has given me the experience it takes to recognize defects, safety issues, and systems or

 components that have failed or about to fail.


 Education - I am certified through International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. The education consists of in-depth courses (units) for each aspect of a property structures including HVAC, structures, insulation, electrical, plumbing, roofing, framing, flooring, windows, moisture, mold, and many additional components of residential and commercial properties.  I am also  a member of and in good standing of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors which requires continuing education for all members and must complete 24 hours of continuing education per calendar year, the attendance of which must be verifiable and certified.

  Certifications/Licenses– Here are some of my certifications and licenses.  Click on emblems to go to websites.



  Buying a home is the biggest investment that most people make in their lifetime. This is not the time to cut corners. A home inspection from 

 Perfect Inspections will identify potential problems that if not addressed now may cost you thousands of dollars down the road.  The inspection 

 is a comprehensive examination of all readily accessible areas of the structure, systems and components from the foundation to the roof.



  As a Seller in today’s market be sure that you leave nothing to chance. A home presale inspection from Perfect Inspections will identify any 

 potential problems that you may have to deal with before listing the home. Defects that are discovered after the buyer makes an offer can lead 

  to delays and possible price re-negotiation.  


  Most homes will have some form of defect that the buyer will ask to have taken care of before the close of escrow. Knowing what these issues 

 are ahead of time will give you a chance to get estimates or if qualified, fix them yourself.


 The inspection and report will provide you with a comprehensive overview from a professional property inspector. The report will be easy to read 

 and understand. It will also include many pictures of items or issues that need attention. It will also include the areas and items that are in

 satisfactory condition.



  As a professional realtor you represent your client in many ways spending hours sometimes days with them all the while gaining their trust and

  respect. When they sign that contract as a buyer they expect you to find out everything there is to know about that property. As a Sellers agent 

  to make things go as smoothly as possible a pre-inspection lets your client now upfront if there will be issues to deal with. My job is to let you and

  the client know exactly the property condition. This comes in the form of a verbal talk and walk at the property while the inspection is being done 

  and also includes a written report.

  Your clients are your businesses life blood, so don’t leave anything to chance. Let Perfect Inspections help you in closing your next deal.

 Field Services Company’s

  For several years now we have been performing Multi-family Units inspections and become vary familiar with the process. We understand the 

 time constraints and issues related to your business and guarantee to meet your time frame requirements. We can do FHA, HUD and any 

 Fannie or Freddie inspections for your clients.


 As a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors we follow the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice on every 


  Check us out at: www.nachi.org.    


  Standards of Practice

  As a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, I follow the standards of practice and code of ethics set by NACHI.

  View the NACHI Standards of Practice at http://www.nachi.org/sop.htm

  View the NACHI Code of Ethics at http://www.nachi.org/code_of_ethics.htm

  NACHI standards of practice exceed the standards of practice set by ASHI & CREIA.

  Commercial Standards of Practice at http://www.nachi.org/comsop.htm


  Inspection Reports

  All inspection reports start with a complete inspection of a property. After the inspection the information is entered into a state-of-the-art

  computer program along with the digital pictures and organizes into a very easy to read report. The report is to-the-point and very specific in 

  detail. It can be delivered through email or color printed in a binder for quick review.  




                       Crumbling Foundation                                                  Missing Tile                                                          Black Mold


  To view Sample Residential Reports click links below:


     Full Report                   Summary Report


  What is inspected

  Here is a partial list of what we inspect with our basic inspection service. We also offer other services like pool/SPA, well tops, solar systems, 

 playgrounds, and air quality testing of mold/radon/asbestos/lead.

·                           Roof

·                           Exterior Walls

·                           Garage & Grounds

·                           Heating (HVAC) System

·                           Electrical System

·                           Interior Rooms/Living Area(s)

·                           Bedroom

·                           Attic

·                           Craw Space

·                           Chimney & Drainage

·                           Doors & Windows

·                           Foundation & Laundry Facilities

·                           Plumbing System & Water Heater

·                           Interior Rooms & Fireplace(s)

·                           Kitchen

·                           Bathroom  


  Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) ® 
 Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (Internachi)